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company services

What we do

We take care of internships and work. Our services are specific for both candidates and companies.
All services are accessible through the latest version of our digital platform, specifically designed to simplify processes and speed up the interaction with our consultants, while providing an always faster, smarter and intuitive-user-friendly service.

Services for companies

Internship Activation
As an activating body, we take care of all bureaucratic procedures to activate internshps in companies. Through our platform you'll be able to activate your internships and handle all aspects of the internship.
Activations, extensions, business trips, interruptions- all in a few simple steps,
online, and with constant support from our staff.


Our recruiters are also specialized in orientation, psychology, education. This is why we can offer you profiles of all levels (internship, junior, middle and senior) ready for placement, by integrating the recruiting with customized support activities. We find the candidates you are looking for, using diversified channels, from e-recruitment to head hunting, according to the specific characteristics of each profile.


Recruiting + Internship Activation
"Stage senza pensieri" is a double service, which combines the speed of recruiting with the accuracy of consultancy for the activation of internships. If you are looking for a supplier who can support you in introducing interns into your company without any worry, you will have two services at a single cost. Our consultants will take care of the whole process!


Tools for candidates

Master in International Business in China
From the partnership with the prestigious School of Management of LUM University, our MIBC program- first level Master in International Business in China, was born. The first in its kind in Italy. The first part takes place in classrooms, in Milan, Italy, while the second phase, in Shanghai or Milan (or another italian city).