What we have done

what we have done

What we are depends on what we have done

All the projects created along our path better tell how we became what we are today.

Each one represents a unique piece in a mosaic that we continue to build every day with commitment, patience and enthusiasm. We have therefore collected in this page all the steps taken, in order to give them a space on our site and, above all, to share them with you.

Garanzia Giovani

Youth Guarantee - Lombardy Region

In the context of active employment policies, we have joined the Youth Guarantee, the European Plan against youth unemployment.

The program, divided into 2 phases, provided loans to companies to encourage the hiring of young under 30 candidates.

FourStars was responsible for supporting companies in the process of introducing young interns or workers and providing candidates with a training course, including career guidance, skills assessment and coaching.

Dote Unica Lavoro

Dote Unica Lavoro - Lombardy Region

Active policy complementary to the Youth Guarantee, Dote Unica Lavoro (DUL) had the purpose of promoting employment for over 30 candidates.

With the same principle applied to the previous program, DUL developed in 4 phases, provided economic loans for companies that hired candidates and training plans for participating candidates.

FourStars participated in all phases, using its expertise to bring input to the program.

Stage in Cina

Internships in China

Hundreds of young people have started an international career thanks to Internships in China, a project born in 2012 to facilitate the matching between candidates desiring an experience on Asian markets and companies looking for skilled profiles for their branches in Asia.

Over the years, the project has offered a great variety of training and vocational programs, focused on the Asian market and diversified to match the needs of candidates with different profiles.

The lessons were based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, international and dynamic cities, the ideal scenario for having highly qualifying training experiences abroad.

Candidates took part in internships in Chinese and international companies based in China, receiving full logistical support, intensive language courses and placement.

The project has flourished for many years, stopping only with the arrival of the pandemic and the arrest of international travel.

In order to facilitate candidates' participation in internship programs in China, for some editions FourStars has also subscribed to some announcements:

• Terzo Pilastro Foundation - Italy and Mediterranean

In 2016 FourStars collaborated with Terzo Pilastro Foundation - Italy and Mediterranean to sponsor a socially relevant project, aimed at fighting the employment gap between Northern and Southern Italy.

The project gave 6 deserving young graduates from central-southern Italy the opportunity to participate for free in a 6-month Internship Program in Shanghai.

To give the project wide appeal, a communication campaign had been created in collaboration with La Nuvola del Lavoro, the well-known Corriere della Sera blog dealing with young people and employment.

The Blog had hosted the six stories in a monthly column titled #MyTripToChina:

• Torno Subito

For two editions, between 2018 and 2019, FourStars was Lazio Region’s partner for the Torno Subito project.

The project, addressed at young people aged up to 35, students or the unemployed, residing or domiciled in Lazio, provided for a full-coverage loan to take part in a two-phase process:

- participation in a Training Course or a Working Experience outside the Lazio Region;
- return to the territory of origin and re-use of acquired skills

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MIBC - Master International Business in China

MIBC - Master’s degree in International Business in China

FourStars, always searching for new qualifying solutions for candidates, in 2016 gave life to an innovative higher professional training, in partnership with LUM University School of Management.

The MIBC - Master’s degree in International Business in China, lasted 6 editions and provided an original formula which combined classroom theory, in Milan, with a practical internship in Shanghai.

MIBC students obtained a first level University Master's Degree and also obtained a guaranteed targeted placement service, managed by international HR professionals.

For proper integration into the intercultural context, the MIBC also included an intensive Chinese course (language and culture).

This project makes us proud because many young people have started an international career thanks to MIBC, strengthened by the acquisition of solid skills and professionalism in the field of Asian business management models, especially in the Chinese cultural context.

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Alternanza Scuola Lavoro con RAI

Work-based learning with RAI

Over the years, following a natural vocation for the orientation and training of youngest people, we have also dealt with work-based learning.

Work-based learning is a real opportunity to concretely prepare for the entrance into the world of work even before starting university studies.

For the 2018/2019 school year we had the honor of collaborating with RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana, coordinating work-based learning projects with 13 schools scattered throughout the country.

We’re so proud of this eminent experience.

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Dote Merito

Dote Merito

In 2018 FourStars joined Dote Merito, a part of the wider "Dote Scuola" project of the Lombardy Region, aimed at guaranteeing the right to study and give concrete help to young people for their education.

Through Dote Merito, the Lombardy Region gave deserving graduates a grant to participate for free in training experiences all over the world and third and fourth year students a grant for the purchase of textbooks and technological equipment for teaching.

As part of the program, for two editions, FourStars provided valuable experiential training courses, aimed at enriching the participants and preparing them to face university or working world.

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Progetto H4job - Career Service per Scuola Holden

H4job - Scuola Holden’s Career Service

In 2017 FourStars started a collaboration with the Scuola Holden, founded in Turin in 1994 and co-designed by Alessandro Baricco with the aim of training young talents in writing, business storytelling, journalism, cinema, television, digital storytelling.

Progetto Giovani WHAT'S NEXT - Univa


In 2012 FourStars joined the Youth Project - WHAT'S NEXT promoted by Univa (Unione Industriali Varese) and subsidized by the Giunta of the Industrial Union.

The project was aimed at employability, through 3-month internships for 50 unemployed young people residents in the province of Varese, to be introduced in associated SMEs in the area.

A direct investment in youth employment, as a fundamental resource for the continuity and competitiveness of business.

For two editions, FourStars was responsible for recruiting suitable candidates, managing the matching with the host companies and accompanying the chosen young people along the internship.

Progetto SPRING5 - Regione Lombardia

SPRING5 - Lombardy Region

In 2005 FourStars was chosen as a 'Partner Job' for SPRING5, a five-year project promoted by the Lombardy Region (General Management for Industry, Crafts, Construction and Cooperation) and Cestec.

The program aimed to find 100 interns to be included in the same number of SMEs as Assistant Export Temporary Managers, in the context of exporting Italian products to international markets.

A very challenging project, in terms of numbers and widespread action, aimed at fighting youth unemployment throughout the region.

On one side: 100 young people from Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and other provinces, but also from remote mountain villages; candidates looking for a first professional experience, carefully selected.

On the other side: 100 companies of Italian excellence, looking for talented young people to train and grow, supporting Temporary Export Manager Seniors.

A demanding and impressive challenge, but of great satisfaction and concreteness.

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